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Ring Key

Desarrollador MobileNeuron

[RING KEY]The cutting edge software keyboard to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER when input.Typing multiple languages faster, easier, with customization, Forget another input software from now.* Full features are provided for 60 days.[MULTI-LINGUAL & MULTIPLE LAYOUT]- Support more than 50 major languages. Check the languages at the end of below.- Support more than 180 local keyboard layouts includes one-hand style(QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Half QWERTY, 12/10 key and more).
[THE 'UNIVERSAL KEY'] : ○ Key- Start with the 'Universal Key'(aka Ring key) to access what you want. - The unique feature only provided by MobileNeuron.- Major features connected to the Universal Key. It make your input life convenience from where the Universal Key.- Easily switch between languages by one single touch.- Easily access major features instantly by one long press with single slide.
[PATTERN INPUT] for password/macro- Simply, quickly enter password/macro by one single path of sliding.- Support pattern silding to enter passwords/macros and others.- Support multiple patterns for each app/web. The informations are stored using AES-256.
[CALCULATOR] for number- Support calculator to quickly calulate numbers just right before input informations.
[THE 'NEURON FIT']- Resize key automatically for your convenience input.
[GESTURE TYPING]- Just glide your fingers across the screen to input words and predictions in real-time.
[THE 'QUICK TURN'] for Layout rotation- Quickly switch between layouts frequently use by the rotation key.
[Advanced 'Editor Pad'] with Cursor Position Recovery(C.P.R.).- The advanced 'Editor Pad' to modify your contents easily.
[CUSTOMIZATION] with 'INSTALL-AND-GO'- Customizable theme/sound/font as fit as you want from open world.- Various preset themes which fixed color set and dynamic color set. Pink, neon, purple, red and whatever you want just right after install.- Support background photo with visual effects.
[PHONETIC KEYBAORDS]- Input foreign language by phonetic alphabet for major languages. Communicate easily globally.- Support Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean and coming.
[WORD SUGGESTION & PREDICTION & AUTO-CORRECTION]- Supports realtime word suggestion and auto-correction and even contextual prediction in 50 languages and counting.
[BATCH WORD CORRECTION]- Support word correction for any text which already entered by other sources.
[TEXT TRANSLATION]- Translate whatever text you want in one place where you are input(Support over 30 languages cross translation).- Now you can translate any text instantly wherever you need translation. Now forget annoying external translation app.
[FLOATING GLASS PANEL MODE]- Put the keyboard as you need to locate with the Glass Panel mode.- Free floating glass panel mode with resizing.
[HARDWARE KEYBOARD]- Just connect and use your favorite wireless/wired hardward keyboard with all languages.- Support QWERTY-wise hardware keyboard and 12Key as well.
[CONFIGURATION BACKUP/RESTORE/SHARE]- Easily backup/recover/share your customized settings all.- Storable configuration file as a file or e-mail.- Quick save/load configuration for testing purpose.
[MORE ADVANCED FEATURES]- Customizable features detail like long-press delay, keyboard height and more.- Customizable user text as useful sentence as pre-made text.- Quick Emoji layout for conversation mode.
[PRIVACY & SECURITY]- The product never save or transfer any personal information.- Any sensitive informations(like passwords) will be saved as encrypted data in device local only.
* The unique features of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties.* Google, Google Translation or all other company and product names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.* The product based on Android UX standard.